Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking Through a Ghost Town... Is So Much Fun

Walking Through a Ghost Town...
Is So Much Fun?
Yesterday, we woke up and drove to Pompeii. The drive was smooth and only 2 hours and something minutes. We arrived at our hotel around lunch (it twas an amazing hotel hidden behind the store fronts) and walk through, in my opinion, the beautiful downtown of modern Pompeii. Many shops and restaurants lined up with the patterned, cobblestone walk ways. If I moved to Italy, Pompeii would definitely be in my top choices. We ate and dad got batteries for his camera. later I got gelato. It seems for every church in Italy there are three gelato places and that's saying something. Pop, dad, and I enjoyed a siesta before heading to The ancient city at four. The site was like across the street from our hotel, very convenient. We entered Pompeii ancient city and I nearly had a heart attack, it was so beautiful. We saw the amazingly preserved amphitheater, baths, restaurants, villas, and my favorite, Caecilius' house. I studied caecilius for 3 years, so that was pretty exciting. We saw the ancient water fountains, larariums, beutiful mosaics, and stunning frescos. I preferred the whole experience to the Roman ruins because, these were in better shape, less crowded, and I studied them so I understood them better. The whole thing was pure awesome

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