Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Pretty Little Ego

My Pretty Little Ego

We woke up bright and early, and I mean early this morning. Isn't it common knowledge that "bright and early killed the cat" or something like that. Whatever, we were the only ones down at breakfast and wrapped up the meal quick and started off to Interlaken. There, we went to this adventure place that was ziplining  And other stuff like that. First I had to go through a quick training which basically went over how to use magnets, because we all know how hard that is. After that, I walked over to a middle ranked course and secured my harness. It was a breeze and really fun, so me and my ego sat down to evaluate my options for the next course. First thing that came to mind was rational and Said I should challenge myself by doing the next leveled course. So far so good, but my ego piped up, "ohh that's to easy. You should do the highest course, the one 60 meters above the ground, and is the second hardest course. It'll be too easy." I don't know what is weirder, the fact that I believe my ego has an Irish brouge (can't spell, we've already been over this) or the fact that I actually have thought about it. What can you do *shrug and sigh in highly dramatic manner*. Back to the course, I went on and started and only had mild trouble with the fact that every time I looked down my pulse began to race and I my legs would spaz in fear. Got to almost the end, when I ran Into these logs that where attached to cables that went from tree to tree. I thought (emphasis on thought) I had run into them before and they had been easy enough. So with my ego whispering in that darn Irish brouge I stepped on the first log with a calm and relaxed, I hate to say it, swag. Yep, I was swagging in up in the tree tops. Of course when I stepped on said log, I discovered these where new logs because they rolled. I slipped and barely caught myself an the side cables. Given I had a harness that would have caught me, but that means I would have had a weggi (do I even have to mention the spelling) all day, I would have had a pain getting back up, and plus I already looked foolish enough, and we couldn't have that could we? So, I held myself there for what felt like hours and kicked the ever rolling logs below me. By now there where these Swiss boys behind me making an illfated attempt of singing American confidence songs. I never thought someone could ruin "we are the champions", but there ya go. I really felt like spewing a couple curses and going back just to kick one of them. I also was outraged that there had been no blinking sign screaming "THESE LOGS ROLL".  Gah, I finally got a confident step on a log and lowered myself down. Then I took another step and... fell. I didnt even catch myself and the harness had to do its duty (not that kind). Oh it's a darn shame.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Singing Happy Birthday... in Five Different languages

Singing Happy Birthday...
In Five Different Languages

Today was our first real day in Switzerland. We arrived in Gstaad (you wouldn't believe how long it took me to pronounce that right) yesterday, and mostly hung around at our really cool hotel. The only down side to said hotel is every time one leaves the room, housekeeping comes up and puts on "Swiss Calm" music. Why can no one understand that I don't want to jam out to Swiss Zen. I mean, come on. Anyway that was all a little besides the point. The other event of the evening was I ordered school supplies (gotta love Amazon). Know most might not understand this, but I personally enjoy this activity. Think about it, what's more fun then buying binders, not kidding. Well then, this morning our group ate a scrumptious (yep, you wished you wrote a blog about your European trip and used that word... or maybe not) breakfast at the hotel. Then Dad and I went up a ski lift to the top of one of the nearby mountains. We saw llamas, pygmy hourses, cows, views, and I road on the duck ride in the playground until people started staring, but no matter, I moved on to the camel one. After dad and I arrived back every one relax and I watched Psych (also known as Life) and struggled to get through a hundred pages of Out Of the Dust. Seriously, the girls bleeping hands burn off and she's like "I hate dust," (say In wistful southern twang). Blah, worst book ever. Later, our group ventured into the typical Swiss town and got bratwurst (not even gonna try to spell that) and Apple soda, what else does one need. After this adventure, Pop tried to find the baseball game, dad went swimming in the saltwater pool, and I got my first every facial. Have to say, though kind of cool and interesting experience (and my face feels like a babies bottom), I don't think it was really my thing. After that, our travel group went to town to grab dinner. At supper It was again rubbed in my face the fault of American education. The table next to us sang happy birthday in 5 different languages. I know a handful of bilingual Americans, let alone a restraunt full of people fluent In 5. Well, the woes of life I guess. Learn languages while you still can, my brothers. Wow, sorry that was awkward :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chilaxin on a lake, Need I say More?


Our wonderful hotel looks right over a lake and is pure splendid (cool word, I know). We took a boat tour and went over to one of the nearby tourist cities to walk around and shop. We then came back and I went out to lunch with pop while dad stayed back to work. When we arrived back all of us made our way down to the Terrus (can't spell) to read. We then arrived back at the room where I finished my novel and dad made me start reading the dreaded required reading book, Out of the Dust. I've already read about seven times the required amount of books we had to read, what's the point of this book that is a quarter of the length and sophistication of any of the books I've read in the last year. Blah! Anyway that was nice, yet uneventful day. Hope you like cheese, I know that was random, but it was needed.

Going on a Trip in Our Favorite Rocket... Minivan

Going on a Trip in Our Favorite 
Rocket... Minivan

I really hope you all understood that reference because if you haven't that means that Little Einsteins has a smaller following. Anyway, let's get away from quoting child programs and talk about... you guessed it, car rides. My travel buddies and I zipped out to Lake Como after a relaxing breakfast at the hotel. I spent the car ride reading and watching psych reruns. Seriously if you haven't watched that show you haven't lived. No joke. Okay, well bet you all wanted to hear about my car ride (I have a healthy ego). You also where probably dying to hear bout my swim once we arrived at the hotel. Yep, I know you want to know more about pointless details of everything I do, but it is difficult to type on this device. *smirk to self about sarcasm* 

Demon Pigeon

Demon Pigeon

Florenzo, beutiful to put it simply. It comes just short of Pompeii on the awesomeness scale, and that is saying something. The beginning of the day Dad and I wandered around fairly aimlessly. It was pretty nice except for one fault, the pigeons. I don't like pigeons. They are creepy with their bright red eyes and dieseness (I don't care way you say , it is areal word).
They stalk you, and I always feel as if the pigeon are gonna spaz and swallow a baby or something. Of course, dad found this hilarious and laughed the whole time as I sidestepped the pigeons and he snapped pictures of said pigeons for God knows why. After pigeon dodging, we headed up for a short siesta and prepared for the later tour. Pop, Dad, and I went to the lobby to meet the guide to start the tour. We saw the small church in front of our hotel, the Doumo, 'nother small church, an awesome gelato place, an oils orphanage, persons house, the academy museum that held a nude David by Michel Angelo (beutiful sculpture, but I would have preferd that dear Michel spent some time on pants), the plazas that originally held David, The Uffizi that held the Birth of Venus and a breathtaking Da Vinci Painting, and we where dropped off at a restaurant with excellent tortellini. I loved the tour guide, which is pretty impressive since I'm so impatient and a know-it-all, not the best person for a tour guide to deal with. Anyway, loved Florence, but I liked it more when I called it Florenzo. Kind of like Europe/ Europa, Pants/Pantaloons, or Apple/ Pear (get my drift).  

Talk to you later home dogs, yo, WOW, yo....
Yep that was awkward

Road Trip!!!


Driving day was... drum roll please... not exciting. No surprise there. I slept, read,  and slept again. Not very exciting. Our travel group was heading from Pompeii to Florence, A good 4 hour trip. Some good did come out of it because I discovered Paprika Pringles, Oh My Goose Snot, they are to die for... duh duh duhhhhh. Wow, anyone notice how when in writing it reads kind of as if I was drooling. Huh, minds blown.

Keep blowing minds, my friends.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking Through a Ghost Town... Is So Much Fun

Walking Through a Ghost Town...
Is So Much Fun?
Yesterday, we woke up and drove to Pompeii. The drive was smooth and only 2 hours and something minutes. We arrived at our hotel around lunch (it twas an amazing hotel hidden behind the store fronts) and walk through, in my opinion, the beautiful downtown of modern Pompeii. Many shops and restaurants lined up with the patterned, cobblestone walk ways. If I moved to Italy, Pompeii would definitely be in my top choices. We ate and dad got batteries for his camera. later I got gelato. It seems for every church in Italy there are three gelato places and that's saying something. Pop, dad, and I enjoyed a siesta before heading to The ancient city at four. The site was like across the street from our hotel, very convenient. We entered Pompeii ancient city and I nearly had a heart attack, it was so beautiful. We saw the amazingly preserved amphitheater, baths, restaurants, villas, and my favorite, Caecilius' house. I studied caecilius for 3 years, so that was pretty exciting. We saw the ancient water fountains, larariums, beutiful mosaics, and stunning frescos. I preferred the whole experience to the Roman ruins because, these were in better shape, less crowded, and I studied them so I understood them better. The whole thing was pure awesome

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Something Funny Happened on The Way to The Forum

Something Funny Happened On
The Way to the Forum

WOW.  The Roman ruins are very extravagant. We had a guide and from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (because you needed to now) ;). This stuff was more up my alley then the Vatican was, not to say one shouldn't see the Vatican (it's a must see) , but I suggest Vatican gets an hour while Rome's Beautiful Ruins (RBR) gets a day or 2. RBR (I came up with that on me on, that's right) are very well preserved because many where claimed as Catholic Churches, later  on, one of the benefits from the Church absorbing Paganism. We saw *in order* the Palestine Hill (Emporers homes basically) , the forum (including the house of the Vestile Virgins, a temple to Hestia, a temple to Julius Caesar, couple victory arches, a temple to Zeus, a temple to Hera, etc.), and The Colloseum. The last was my favorite, but all of them took my breath away. Sadly, most of the marble had been stripped by the Church and The Barbarians, but they still held their beauty and such. Any way, Something Funny Happened on the Way Back from the forum, Dad and I decided to check out the indoor pool at the hotel instead of the outdoor one, no biggie right. If the Forum took my breath away, I was down right choking at the indoor pool. There was a normal laps pool and then there was a hot pool, a cold pool, and, my favorite, the spa pool. The spa pool had stations, First) was a hot tub type setting except without hot water and just jets, 2nd) were metal lounge chairs that were submerged under water and surrounded by jets, 3rd) there was a place to stand were pressured water came from an above spout that massaged the shoulders, 4th) one stood in a chamber that shot pressured water from the sides and below, finally) a person gripped a bar and steadied themselves as highly, highly, pressured water shot from the side and above. It was amazingly cool and I got to see Dad wear the mandatory funny hats, that where a cross between a swim cap and a hair net. Bye bye. WOW. That sounded weird. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Romus Popus Poopus

Romus Popus Poopus

We went Vatican. I disliked it, strongly. When we first went in, I had to make eye contact with the ticketman  to prove I was a kid. I guess I kind of understood it, but it still irked me that the Church itself expected its visitors to stoop so low. To make the feeling worse we were swarmed by security all the time, and they always looked like they thought we would strike out and kill them, I mean, come on. Later we went to the art gallery, where christian art, art that was made by artist who strongly believed in their faith, was displayed. I can't tell you for sure, but I am fairly certain that those men would prefer to have their creations in a holy place, a place where the art could do what it was meant to do, inspire belief. After, we walked through other gallery kind of things. The art displayed there, just... just floored me. They were beautiful pieces of art, don't get me wrong. But, the art was Pagan. Sculptures of Jupiter, Hercules, Mother Nature and all other kind of things. Now, do you really think the Pagans would have appreciated their sacred artwork to be displayed in the center of the religion that exiled and killed them? The ones who told them that their beliefs were a farce.  Don't get me wrong, the Pagans did major wrongs on the Catholics centuries ago, but no one can correct a wrong with a wrong. The Catholic religions basic grounds are based on forgiveness, so why are the Pagan's memories not receiving that basic respect. Plus most of those statues had been defiled, the ancient ruins changed to cover up the statues' private parts. Really, can't we all be a little more mature and not have to give Hercules leaf undies?  Plus, if the Pagans wanted to sculpture their Heroes and Gods nude, then let the darn statues stay loose. *Cough awkwardly* anyway, the tour group finally moved into the Sistine Chapel, which truly was breathtaking. No matter what religion or how serous your beliefs are there is no way that one can not appreciate the Michael Angelo Fresco's. This was one of the rooms I did not feel like punching someone, except maybe I wanted to a little bit, because of the crowds, but that is besides the point. After this the group strolled over to St. Peter's. It also was breathtaking... except I could not help thinking about  a... well... couple details. One) tons of beautiful marble covered the place, Marble mainly from ancient temples and monuments (think colosseum). I mean first they take the Pagans statues and then rip apart their temples and use it for their own place of religious worship. Tell me that is not hypocritical, come on. Two) there was a beautiful altar whatever there, one made from melted down metal from none other then Pagan built structure. Need I say more. Not to say I'm against recycling. I'm not and I think the world doesn't understand, sometimes how serious that is, but no recycling ancient artifacts. Bad, bad, move. To tell you the truth I find the whole shinannagin (don't, and never will know how to spell that *sigh*) kind of childish. Anyway we left and saw the guys in the funny suits and got gelato. So, not an entire loss in the trip. Wow, I sound way to mature in this (I am not a hypocrite). So to keep this light, poop. Your mind is blown. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Churches, Views, and Ruins, That's Rome

Churches, Views, and Ruins,
That's Rome

It's been day one of three in Rome. It is not at all what I would expect. Vatican city influences every part of the city and it seems like on every bleeping block you can look up and spot 3 cross' on the top of buildings. The only place there is less churches is Old Rome. Old Rome was stuffed with ruins such as the amazingly old baths and Colosseum. I swear, at the Colosseum, I was so awed I started tearing up. I am not a nerd for wanting to fall to my knees and cry at a ancient monument *huff*. Also, because of the hilly terrain, there are tons of flooring views. All in all, pretty amazing, and we haven't even gone on the tour yet. Watch me start balling while the tour guide has us,  not seeing the Colosseum from a distance, but walking through it.  Bye my readers, and keep history emotional. Wow, thats weird.            

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's 8:31 on Travel Day and... I'm getting Antsy

Yes, this is a dancing ant. Don't judge me.

It's 8:31 on Travel Day and...
I'm getting Antsy

I've got hours before I travel later, and I feel all anti-clamatic. It just doesn't seem like in a couple hours I'll be luxuriating in Europe. Of course, though, there will be a ton of driving while we are there. But, I'm all prepared for that. I've got my kindle up and loaded with tons of books, two movies, and multiple Psych (best show ever) episodes. And I'll enjoy the scenery *nervous laugh*.  Any who, I'm so sure you all wanted know that.

      Bye Bye

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

News Flash: Packing Day is Always boring

News Flash:
 Packing Day is Always boring

It took me a day  * sigh*  but, I finally packed up my suit case. My new trusty companion shall be called Elfy (yes, I am talking about the suit case) .  Elfy is short, pudgy, and green, making Elfy the perfect name. Anyway this was short and sweet, but I just felt like you needed to know... wow, thats creepy.