Thursday, August 15, 2013

Churches, Views, and Ruins, That's Rome

Churches, Views, and Ruins,
That's Rome

It's been day one of three in Rome. It is not at all what I would expect. Vatican city influences every part of the city and it seems like on every bleeping block you can look up and spot 3 cross' on the top of buildings. The only place there is less churches is Old Rome. Old Rome was stuffed with ruins such as the amazingly old baths and Colosseum. I swear, at the Colosseum, I was so awed I started tearing up. I am not a nerd for wanting to fall to my knees and cry at a ancient monument *huff*. Also, because of the hilly terrain, there are tons of flooring views. All in all, pretty amazing, and we haven't even gone on the tour yet. Watch me start balling while the tour guide has us,  not seeing the Colosseum from a distance, but walking through it.  Bye my readers, and keep history emotional. Wow, thats weird.            

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