Thursday, August 22, 2013

Demon Pigeon

Demon Pigeon

Florenzo, beutiful to put it simply. It comes just short of Pompeii on the awesomeness scale, and that is saying something. The beginning of the day Dad and I wandered around fairly aimlessly. It was pretty nice except for one fault, the pigeons. I don't like pigeons. They are creepy with their bright red eyes and dieseness (I don't care way you say , it is areal word).
They stalk you, and I always feel as if the pigeon are gonna spaz and swallow a baby or something. Of course, dad found this hilarious and laughed the whole time as I sidestepped the pigeons and he snapped pictures of said pigeons for God knows why. After pigeon dodging, we headed up for a short siesta and prepared for the later tour. Pop, Dad, and I went to the lobby to meet the guide to start the tour. We saw the small church in front of our hotel, the Doumo, 'nother small church, an awesome gelato place, an oils orphanage, persons house, the academy museum that held a nude David by Michel Angelo (beutiful sculpture, but I would have preferd that dear Michel spent some time on pants), the plazas that originally held David, The Uffizi that held the Birth of Venus and a breathtaking Da Vinci Painting, and we where dropped off at a restaurant with excellent tortellini. I loved the tour guide, which is pretty impressive since I'm so impatient and a know-it-all, not the best person for a tour guide to deal with. Anyway, loved Florence, but I liked it more when I called it Florenzo. Kind of like Europe/ Europa, Pants/Pantaloons, or Apple/ Pear (get my drift).  

Talk to you later home dogs, yo, WOW, yo....
Yep that was awkward

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