Sunday, August 18, 2013

Something Funny Happened on The Way to The Forum

Something Funny Happened On
The Way to the Forum

WOW.  The Roman ruins are very extravagant. We had a guide and from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (because you needed to now) ;). This stuff was more up my alley then the Vatican was, not to say one shouldn't see the Vatican (it's a must see) , but I suggest Vatican gets an hour while Rome's Beautiful Ruins (RBR) gets a day or 2. RBR (I came up with that on me on, that's right) are very well preserved because many where claimed as Catholic Churches, later  on, one of the benefits from the Church absorbing Paganism. We saw *in order* the Palestine Hill (Emporers homes basically) , the forum (including the house of the Vestile Virgins, a temple to Hestia, a temple to Julius Caesar, couple victory arches, a temple to Zeus, a temple to Hera, etc.), and The Colloseum. The last was my favorite, but all of them took my breath away. Sadly, most of the marble had been stripped by the Church and The Barbarians, but they still held their beauty and such. Any way, Something Funny Happened on the Way Back from the forum, Dad and I decided to check out the indoor pool at the hotel instead of the outdoor one, no biggie right. If the Forum took my breath away, I was down right choking at the indoor pool. There was a normal laps pool and then there was a hot pool, a cold pool, and, my favorite, the spa pool. The spa pool had stations, First) was a hot tub type setting except without hot water and just jets, 2nd) were metal lounge chairs that were submerged under water and surrounded by jets, 3rd) there was a place to stand were pressured water came from an above spout that massaged the shoulders, 4th) one stood in a chamber that shot pressured water from the sides and below, finally) a person gripped a bar and steadied themselves as highly, highly, pressured water shot from the side and above. It was amazingly cool and I got to see Dad wear the mandatory funny hats, that where a cross between a swim cap and a hair net. Bye bye. WOW. That sounded weird. 

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