Saturday, August 24, 2013

Singing Happy Birthday... in Five Different languages

Singing Happy Birthday...
In Five Different Languages

Today was our first real day in Switzerland. We arrived in Gstaad (you wouldn't believe how long it took me to pronounce that right) yesterday, and mostly hung around at our really cool hotel. The only down side to said hotel is every time one leaves the room, housekeeping comes up and puts on "Swiss Calm" music. Why can no one understand that I don't want to jam out to Swiss Zen. I mean, come on. Anyway that was all a little besides the point. The other event of the evening was I ordered school supplies (gotta love Amazon). Know most might not understand this, but I personally enjoy this activity. Think about it, what's more fun then buying binders, not kidding. Well then, this morning our group ate a scrumptious (yep, you wished you wrote a blog about your European trip and used that word... or maybe not) breakfast at the hotel. Then Dad and I went up a ski lift to the top of one of the nearby mountains. We saw llamas, pygmy hourses, cows, views, and I road on the duck ride in the playground until people started staring, but no matter, I moved on to the camel one. After dad and I arrived back every one relax and I watched Psych (also known as Life) and struggled to get through a hundred pages of Out Of the Dust. Seriously, the girls bleeping hands burn off and she's like "I hate dust," (say In wistful southern twang). Blah, worst book ever. Later, our group ventured into the typical Swiss town and got bratwurst (not even gonna try to spell that) and Apple soda, what else does one need. After this adventure, Pop tried to find the baseball game, dad went swimming in the saltwater pool, and I got my first every facial. Have to say, though kind of cool and interesting experience (and my face feels like a babies bottom), I don't think it was really my thing. After that, our travel group went to town to grab dinner. At supper It was again rubbed in my face the fault of American education. The table next to us sang happy birthday in 5 different languages. I know a handful of bilingual Americans, let alone a restraunt full of people fluent In 5. Well, the woes of life I guess. Learn languages while you still can, my brothers. Wow, sorry that was awkward :)

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