Thursday, August 22, 2013

Going on a Trip in Our Favorite Rocket... Minivan

Going on a Trip in Our Favorite 
Rocket... Minivan

I really hope you all understood that reference because if you haven't that means that Little Einsteins has a smaller following. Anyway, let's get away from quoting child programs and talk about... you guessed it, car rides. My travel buddies and I zipped out to Lake Como after a relaxing breakfast at the hotel. I spent the car ride reading and watching psych reruns. Seriously if you haven't watched that show you haven't lived. No joke. Okay, well bet you all wanted to hear about my car ride (I have a healthy ego). You also where probably dying to hear bout my swim once we arrived at the hotel. Yep, I know you want to know more about pointless details of everything I do, but it is difficult to type on this device. *smirk to self about sarcasm* 

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